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The mass hysteria associated with the flexible and highly advanced blogging platform that wordpress delivers is fuelled by the presence of a theme directory that can host customized themes. Although at one stage wordpress themes directory was populated with spam prone sponsored themes, leading to a shutting down of the hosting directory. This move was met with mixed reactions from the user community and finally a new directory was reintroduced to accommodate more themes. These were ensured to be spam free through a two step checking process where the theme was vetted by both a computer automated program and a human user.
Owing to wordpress being an open source platform, there are a few natural hurdles that it has to encounter. These include compliance with GPL license requirements and staying within the parameters laid down for open source based tools by various controlling authorities. It was natural that these restrictions also extend to the different varieties of wordpress themes that were in use. Consequentially in order to maintain compliance with the broad regulations that wordpress was subject to, quite a few themes that were non compliant with GPL license requirements were removed from the theme directory.
Wordpress as it is comes with a full array of themes that allows for easy designing of the interface ranging from simple models to complicated ones that correspond to webzines and such. There is also the option to have multiple themes that can be switched between back and forth as per the requirements of the user. The general availability of wordpress themes expands the aesthetics associated with the platform, with many users choosing to change themes on a daily basis.
There are themes available for free download and a quick Google search would reveal hundreds of websites offering wordpress themes. There are also tutorials that one can read through online which spoon feed a newbie on methods by which new themes can be created from scratch. The wordpress website itself offers tutorials to those who are interested in creating themes and have had enough with tweaking around the regular run of the mill stuff that is available. Before someone actually goes about doing it, it would be good to have a general idea about the hierarchy and structure of wordpress themes.
There are themes that are either one two or three columns in terms of layout. There are also themes that suit web magazines as well as themes that resemble photo galleries. Some themes have available for a price and hence are not very popular. But most of these paid for themes are highly attractive and for the same reason, pricey. Unlike the plug-ins for the platform, the wordpress themes have to be uploaded to the host server

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