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Best wordpress themes

Stay original, unleash your creativity and build your identity in blogosphere with some of the best WordPress themes that don’t necessarily come in the premium category. Free doesn’t meant pedestrian when it comes to the WordPress-theme range and the customizable limit for each is not limited either. As lists come, you can choose from ‘Best WordPress themes of 2008’ pegged by or choose according to utility based themes like those for freelancers, small businesses, the nerd etc. Or, best theme-lists come for style statements like for the gal/guy on the go, the gypsy, the artist etc.
It was only by the end of 2008 that WordPress themes could be customized by the user via the administration panel. This widened the canvas for both the premium and free theme segment making the task of listing the ‘Best WordPress themes’ a tough one. However, some themes that found place on the list included Revolution White Christmas, Elegant Grunge, Equilibrium, Typebased, Andrea, Charade, Vintage, Folio and Over Easy. One of the major problems of setting up a blog is being pat on target with the theme. The ‘top list’ surely helps users in choosing right from the mind-boggling range of WordPress themes available.
Wordpress may have opened the cosmos of creativity for the individual blogger but, unlike most other blogging sites, it has beamed affordability straight to the small business owner’s desktop with a specific genre for him alone! An Internet presence with a website is a vital necessity for any small business but most cannot afford a site. Specific WordPress themes with a little tweaking from the custom panel can give professional results to match any website. Some of the best WordPress themes for the small business include Vibrant CMS, Thesis, Revolution Pro Business, WP Remix, Notepad, Market and Ecommerce.
Wordpress has been a boon for the freelancer wanting to display his portfolio. Uploading work whether it is of audio-visual nature or text in a seamless, uncluttered manner is virtually impossible with a regular blog. However, spending a fortune on a website is not possible for freelancers. The best WordPress themes in this category include Proud Portfolio, Linquist, Sharpfolio, Monotone and Videographer.
But freelancer or not, free WordPress themes like Brightness and Lightning can be appropriate for absolutely any purpose from recreational, frivolous to a serious one. Structured themes with a range of skins for a web presence are the highlight of all WordPress themes. The free theme segment has lately proved to have some offers that even beat themes in the premium category. Regular programmers are offering WordPress themes to clients with a low budget for site-building even as individuals are learning to give website-feels to their blogs. Then, WordPress themes are available across the Internet and not just from the parent directory. Thus, choosing some of the best WordPress themes can be mindboggling to suit particular needs but then, the best part is themes can be easily switched too. Stay with one for a while and then, reinvent yourself. So, got a WordPress address yet?

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